Brand Advertisers

Coke. Amex. Warner Brothers Television…Some of the biggest brand names in world have worked with FAM to deliver outstanding results via FAM’s Social Media Application.
Case Study

Objective: Continuity on Facebook


Anheuser-Busch was launching a new limited edition 4th of July Can for the famous Budweiser Brand and wanted to create awareness for this “special promotion”. Additionally, the client wanted to breach the 1 million fan mark by the 4th of July, by getting 50,000 new fans in 5 weeks. FAM doubled that in just 5 days.



By using the FAM Facebook advertising package, FAM drove consumers to Bud’s FB Brand page Application. Fans could like the brand and receive a 100% free and legal premium music track of their choice, paid for by Budweiser. Despite the shorted schedule the program was an unmitigated success resulting in 101,628 new Fans for Budweiser. The CTR rate on the promotional ads was 10X the norm (.15%), share rates 12%. Facebook fans returned again and again over a 16 month program driving engagement and continuity for the brand and the audience.