Optimize your audience

You’ve spent time and money aggregating your social media audiences and improving your site traffic, but can't seem to increase ad revenues. Convert those fans to "cost per action based revenue" with our patented software. Now you can deliver verified engagement and actions beyond just pre-roll ads  that are more meaningful to your advertisers. Elevate your content’s value by offering deeper access as exchange for engagement's beyond pre-roll ads thus increasing your ad revenues. Consumers pick the sponsor action and the content they want.


Optimize your content

FAM allows you to target fans by their passions both inside and outside of your digital channels. Fans want your content…now allow them access by engaging with your advertisers. The FAM software works on any platform and enables you to derive higher CPA’s for access to your content. FAM allows your advertisers to define the KPI they want. It also allows your audience to pick the action they want to complete in order to access the content.  Everyone participates and everyone benefits.



Verified Engagement

FAM enables your content and audience to meet where action is required. "Viewability" is  all the rage these days...what about "Engage-ability" ? Our patented application requires that real humans engage with your advertising. Our app is bot-proof and delivers more than just pre-roll delivers real KPI based actions. Don't take our word for it...look at sample results:

  • 98% Video Completion
  • AVG. 10.33 Min on Site
  • .54% CTR on Ad Units
  • 72% Survey Completion
  • 22% Share

Data Dashboard

Monitor Campaign Results. Gain audience insights with our analytics tools and in stream polling and programming. Optimize campaigns on the fly based on performance analysis.

API Options

Customization of campaigns available to content owners and agencies. Agencies, brands, and publishers can run turnkey programs with our templates or build custom development on top of the FAM API.  The platform is flexible to meet your needs from campaign to campaign, making it an ideal platform for delivering always on revenue.



Our goal is provide outstanding support for all clients. Every client’s needs are different so we offer a variety of support features per client and per campaign.