Dallas Slieker

CTO & Co-Founder

I designed the product and led the team that built and maintained the world's first legal ad-supported mp3 download service.

We negotiated licensing with the top record labels to allow advertisers to pay for legal mp3 downloads in exchange for actions performed by the users such as sharing on social media. We achieved a near-100% action completion rate and pioneered the premium download incentivization model.

FreeAllMusic was featured in numerous publications such as The New York Times and during a 24 hour cycled segment on CNN.




Tim Faircliff 

Investor, Free All Media





Chris Emme

CEO & Co-Founder

I built a 50 person sales and service team that grew to generate over $100MM in revenue in four years across 5 US markets. I am proud to have been part of this team, which I began and was fortunate enough to build alongside some of the best people I have ever worked with in my professional career.

We helped develop, launch, market and sell a product that grew to a valuation of close to half a Billion dollars.
Building teams is amazing and I am lucky to say I have built and been part of building some of the best across 4 different companies including Free All Media.




Abeed Janmohamed

Investor, Free All Media





Dan Brown

VP Global Sales

Most recent success - instrumental in identifying the potential and re positioning the Mail Online as a “trading desk’ for independent agencies and helping to develop a performance product which contributed to the overall revenue growth. 















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Katie Corcoran

US Sales